Upcoming Lecture at The SoL Center (San Antonio): The Meaning of Christmas

Next week Christmas comes early at The SoL Center where I’ll be giving a lecture titled ‘The Meaning of Christmas: What Divine Birth Meant in the Ancient World’ on Thursday, November 8th, from 7-9 PM. This is the course description:

To some early Christians, Jesus of Nazareth did not have a human father, because he was conceived by a virgin through the power of God (Holy Spirit). Is this claim unique? In fact, no, as there were other important figures from the ancient world who were said to have been born of a god, figures including Caesar Augustus, the philosopher Plato, and the
Buddha. In this course we will ask why it was that Christians found it important to claim that Jesus had a divine birth, and what such a claim meant in antiquity.

To register ($15), click here.