Lennox Lecture Series #ReinventingtheBible

The videos for the first three of four Lennox Lectures are available on YouTube now with Mark Chancey's talk coming soon:

Michael Satlow, "Who in Antiquity Read the Bible?"


Annette Yoshiko Reed, "The Bible Beyond the Bible: From Apocrypha to Anime"


Valarie Ziegler, "Submission, Sex, and Sinraptors: The Evangelical Adam as Alpha Male in American Popular Culture"

2015 Rethink Seminar: Audio and Notes

This weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles to speak at the Rethink Seminar. This is an event hosted by the Path Church (Pico Rivera, CA) that evolved out of the annual Theology Matters Conference. Those who remember my old blog will be familiar with the name of the pastor of the Path Church: Robert Jimenez (along with his wife, Becky). Robert used to co-blog with me. Now along with his wife he is leading an exciting community that is a safe space for those whose past experiences may prevent them from being able to join with more traditional churches. 

w. Robert Jimenez

w. Robert Jimenez

I was asked, in gist, to talk about reading the Bible in the modern age. I gave one seminar style talk on Friday evening and another talk in lieu of a sermon during their worship gathering. The first is titled "Wrestling with the Scriptures" wherein I used the story of Jacob's encounter with a man/an angel/God at the place he'd call "Penuel" (Gen. 32:22-32) as a model of how we might read the Bible. The second is titled "Arguing with Heaven" where I examine seven "snapshots" from the Bible where people are presented as challenging (or not challenging) God's plans and/or declarations asking what these stories tell us about our posture toward the Bible, or in prayer, etc. 

Robert has uploaded the audio from the talks to Soundcloud. And I told a couple people that I'd upload my notes, so here they are:
Friday, October 23rd: Wrestling with the Scriptures
Sunday, October 25th: Arguing with Heaven


Radio Interview: Should You Go to Seminary?

Update: I've been rescheduled for Friday, August 21st, at the same time due to a breaking news story that needed to be covered by the radio station that was going to interview me.

Apparently my old blog post (or, it's updated repost) titled "Should You Go to Seminary?" caught the attention of the program director for a show on 101.5 FM in Pittsburgh called The Ride Home with John & Kathy. I've been asked to talk about the topic for about 15 minutes at 4:40 PM EST. If that's a topic that interest you, and you live near Pittsburgh, I invite you to listen. Their website has a "Listen Live" option as well for those who don't live in the area. That being said, I don't suspect I'll say anything radically different than what I wrote in the blog post, so feel free to read it instead! 

Craig A. Evans discusses the relationship between archaeology and biblical studies

I had the opportunity to spend much of three weeks with my doctoral supervisor Craig A. Evans as we visited several archaeological sites before participating in the Mt. Zion Dig. It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot from the archaeologist we met and from playing in the dirt myself. Faithlife (Logos) has interview Craig on the relationship between archaeology and biblical studies—one I understand better now—and I recommend listening to it for those interested: A Conversation with Dr. Craig Evans.

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