7th Anniversary!

Today is the 7th anniversary of the day I married my wife, Miranda Jane Perez. This morning we were talking a bit about that day. It was such a whirlwind. I remember snapshots of it, but I think I was so focused on not making any mistakes, or forgetting my part in the ceremony, that I didn't get a chance to stop and take it all in. Thankfully, that day was just the beginning and I have had seven years to stop and take it all in. I am extremely grateful for Miranda. She is the love of my life. She has made my life a million times brighter than it was before I met her.

Seven is a number traditionally associated with perfection or completion. Well, no human relationship is perfect, but I do feel like she completes me and I hope I do the same for her. I love you Miranda Jane. Happy 7th!

Two New Events at The SoL Center!

Two more events are live for registration at The SoL Center:

- Who is Jesus? What a Difference a Lens Makes w. Prof. Rubén Dupertuis

- At the Crossroads of Adolescence and the World's Religions w. Fr. Nathan Bostian

To learn more and register go here.

Going to be an uncle!

My brother Jason and his wife Sara announced today that they'll be having a baby this April. That will make me an uncle for the first time. I'm excited! If you're mutual friends with me and my brother and sister-in-law make sure to congratulate them on Facebook!

Five amazing years!

In Oxford, England, last month.

In Oxford, England, last month.

Today is the fifth anniversary of my marriage to my beautiful and brilliant wife, Miranda Jane Pérez. In our short time together it has come to feel as if I've known her my whole life. I know that is cliche, but it is true. Marriage is a truly amazing thing in this way. Someone you may not have met until after more than two decades on this planet slowly becomes the person who knows everything about you and more than you'd trust anyone else in the world to know. What I've learned in these first five years is that while marriage is work there is nothing quite like the reward of getting to know and be known by your best friend.

We've lived in Portland and San Antonio, visited cities like Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Rome, Paris, Oxford, and London together, and in a half decade I have more life-changing (in a good way) memories with my wife than I think I can attribute to my first twenty-six years of existence. But it is the small day-to-day, living with each other, budgeting, commuting, moving, sharing the ups-and-downs of employment, supporting each other in our educational pursuits, and the sharing of the hum-drum parts of life where marriage is really done. It is there where you can observe whether your spouse is helping make you into a better and more mature human. I can say that without a doubt my wife has helped complete my life turning both adventure and routine into a life worth living every day, even during tough times.

I love you, Miranda! I look forward to the next five, ten, twenty, fifty years, or as many as life will give us. I'm thrilled that this is just the beginning.