While not a significant number it does mean that I've been a legal adult half of my life (how long I've been an actual adult is debatable).

No matter, because every birthday I get to brag about sharing it with our Duchess from the Golden State (exact same day, in fact) and the greatest POTUS of my life time.

Image from Harper's Bazaar

Image from Harper's Bazaar

Job Announcement: Director of The SoL Center

I have been serving as the Interim Director of The SoL Center since May of this year. In a little over two week my tenure comes to an end, so University Presbyterian Church and the Board of The SoL Center have begun to process of seeking candidates for the job of Director. The Director will have a full time job earning 45k annually plus benefits. I have enjoyed working at the Interim Director. If it were not for my new job as Religious Studies Teacher at TMI-The Episcopal School of Texas I would likely have submitted my name for consideration. I have immensely enjoyed my work. If you or someone you know may make a good fit, consider submitting your CV/resume. For more information, go here.

Recent Days

I doubt there are many who follow my blog who are not connected with me on Facebook or Twitter, but for the odd few, since I have not updated in a couple of weeks, here is what I have been doing in recent days:

- Work
- Study
- Spending time with Craig A. Evans receiving supervision for my dissertation work

That about sums it up! 

Ending the Second Internship

Today I end my second internship with the Religion Department at Trinity University. It has been a wonderful experience teaching with and being mentored by Profs. Ruben Dupertuis and Chad Spigel. I'm quite sure that this resume item, and their recommendation, were a major factor in my hiring by TMI. So, I want to say a big "thank you" to these two fine scholars and friends and to the university for giving me this opportunity.

Blogging and Microblogging

This blog is updated sporadically. I use it when I want to share (1) personal—though not too personal—updates; (2) information on books, conferences, etc., that I think might matter to people with similar interests; (3) an occasional short piece of writing. On the other hand, I share far more content on Twitter and Facebook, especially since most of it has been written by others. Please do bookmark this page, but also consider connecting via social media: